Bowling &
American Restaurant with Bar

Bow­ling & Ame­ri­can Restau­rant with bar in Warne­mun­de, direct­ly at the har­bor exit to the Bal­tic Sea, with a direct view of the crui­­se-ter­­mi­­nal.

Our 10 com­pe­ti­ti­on pro­ved Brunswick bow­ling lanes are sui­ta­ble for all ages and abi­li­ties, from the pro­fes­sio­nal bow­ler to the recrea­tio­nal bow­ler, com­pa­nies, clubs or fami­lies with children.

0381–51316 Call us from 9 p.m. onwards.

If you would like to reser­ve a lane out­side the ope­ning hours, plea­se con­tact us!
If all the bow­ling lanes are occu­pied, you can shor­ten the wai­ting peri­od with bil­li­ards, air hockey or other games. Or you can enjoy a drink or snack at our Ame­ri­can Bar and enjoy the view of the crui­se ship terminal.

Unse­re Öffnungszeiten
Mona­te von – bis offen ab Uhrzeit
Novem­ber Fr. bis So. ab 14:00 Uhr
Mo. bis Do. ab 15:00 Uhr
Dezem­ber Mo. bis So. ab 14:00 Uhr
Jan. – April Sa. und So. ab 14:00 Uhr
Mo. bis Fr. ab 15:00 Uhr
Mai – Okt. Mo. bis So. ab 15:00 Uhr

Extra opening hours

Due to popu­lar demand by school clas­ses, com­pa­nies, etc., we open the fol­lo­wing days befo­re 3 pm.

  • 7.4. 10 am – 12 o’clock
  • 25.5. Father’s Day star­ting 10 am

If you want to bowl the­se days – just call! We will reser­ve your lane(s).