• Ebonite Basic
    A Hard Work­ing Durable Sin­gle Ball Bag with adjustable Shoul­der Strap with Non-Slip Pad, Car­ry­ing Han­dles and Inte­ri­or Shoe Shelf Com­part­ment. Avail­able in 6 attrac­tive colors
  • Ebonite Impact
    A Sin­gle Ball Bag with adjustable, Remov­able Shoul­der Strap with Non-Slip Pad, Sep­a­rate Vent­ed Shoe Compartment
  • Ebonite Vor­tex II
    A Two Ball Prod­uct In An Easy-To-Han­dle Com­pact Size with adjustable, remov­able Shoul­der Strap and inte­grat­ed Shoe Com­part­ment and a Sep­a­rate Com­part­ment for Accessories.
  • Ebonite Trans­port II
    A Dou­ble Ball Wheeled Bag with Great Dura­bil­i­ty with Adjustable, Remov­able Shoul­der Strap and Sep­a­rate Vent­ed Shoe Com­part­ment.  Extend­able Lock­ing Square Handle
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