Inter­ac­tive Bowling

You can book this additionally:

1 h = 7,50 €

Free after the sec­ond hour.

Bowl­ing for the lit­tle ones!

Mon­day to Sun­day until 6 pm 
and after­wards din­ing at our restaurant 

New New New Every birth­day child gets a free ride for the Moun­tain coast­er in Bad Dober­an as a birth­day present..

Our bowl­ing alley reg­u­lar­ly runs spe­cial offers for children.
Our in-house children’s birth­day bowl­ing par­ty is a great joy for the lit­tle ones!

Please remem­ber that con­sum­ing out­side food (such as cakes, sweets, chips, etc.) and drinks are not allowed in our facility.

Ful­ly auto­mat­ed bumper bowl­ing – Kid-friend­ly bowl­ing sys­tem on all of our bowl­ing alleys

Our ful­ly auto­mat­ed bumper-bowl­ing sys­tem, with which all our alleys are now equipped with, makes the lit­tle ones feel big.

The ful­ly auto­mat­ed bumper-bowl­ing sys­tem auto­mat­i­cal­ly rais­es the bowl­ing bar­ri­ers (known as bumpers) for chil­dren to the lane edges, keep­ing errant balls out of the gut­ter, and auto­mat­i­cal­ly low­ers them again for adults. It builds the con­fi­dence of the young bowler by keep­ing the ball out of the gut­ter. Since the bowl­ing ball thrown by chil­dren can­not slip into the gut­ters, there is no frus­tra­tion or dis­ap­point­ment. The kids can enjoy their game, while accom­pa­ny­ing adults can still play along with nor­mal difficulty.

Bowl­ing balls designed for children

In order to make our bowl­ing games even more enjoy­able for our young bowl­ing play­ers we offer extra light 5 lbs kid’s bowl­ing balls and bowl­ing shoes start­ing size 24.

Offer 1

  • 2 bowl­ing games incl. rental shoes
  • 2 soft­drinks of your choice (0,2l)
  • cer­tifi­cate

15,00 € per child

Offer 2

  • 2 bowl­ing games incl. rental shoes
  • 2 soft­drinks of your choice (0,2l)
  • 1 serv­ing of French fries
  • cer­tifi­cate

19,00 € per child

Offer 3

  • 2 bowl­ing games incl. rental shoes
  • 2 soft­drinks of you choice (0,2l)
  • 1 sug­ar donut and 1 choco­late muffin
  • cer­tifi­cate

19,00 € per child

Offer 4

  • 2 bowl­ing games incl. rental shoes
  • 2 Soft­drinks of your chioce (0,2l)
  • 1 serv­ing of chick­en nuggets or grilled sausage with French fries
  • or Kid’s Burg­er with French fries
  • cer­tifi­cate

21,50 € per child

If request­ed we offer a tea par­ty spread (pri­or Info) BEFORE or AFTER the bowl­ing game.
This mar­ble cake of 28 cm diam­e­ter has a sweet choco­late glaze and is dec­o­rat­ed with lots of col­or­ful Smar­ties and can be booked for each party.

Price per cake 18,00 €
(Please pre­order at least one day in advance)

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